“The Life” by Rashad feat Styles P



Rashad Feat. Styles P – “The Life”

AUDIO By J. Tinsley on December 23, 2011 at 11:00 am

This is, the part, we’ve been waiting for, to say hello to the life…”

Thanks, Rashad. Thanks a lot. That one part is about to be stuck in my head the entire weekend. What’s both funny and ironic is that this time last year, Stalley was gearing to unleash his career-defining project, Lincoln Way Nights, a release littered with Rashad’s musical fingerprints. Now, the talented Mr. Thomas is only weeks away from going for self with the liberation of his solo endeavor, Museum.

“The Life” features Styles P and is a testament to those dreaming of days when their dream life constitutes their normal day-to-day routine. A possible premonition to the future, yet a model for the current hustle, said record is for anyone working a 9-to-5, attending school or working multiple jobs with visions of something bigger, something more impactful. Imagine the day you’ll be able to sing this song to yourself with a smile on your face. One day it’ll all make sense.

Cover art by D+R.


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