The Great Von Glitschka



Recently, I was fortunate enough to see a person whose work I deeply admire: Von Glitschka (one of the best designer/illustrators I’ve ever seen). Since it was a CSCA event (Columbus Society of Communicating Arts — a local organization of and for graphic designers) much of the lecture reminded us of the importance of drawing, with pencil and paper.

In college, every professor stressed the importance of hand skills — if it wasn’t for the purpose of understanding the fine details of an image, then we should know how to quickly convey an idea to a client in a visual format right on the spot. This essential skill is something I can trace all of my designs back to. Many of these designs, I still have the original sketches. I keep Post-It Notepads at every one of my work areas for thumbnails when I need to quickly jot down an idea that might take 15 minutes on a computer.

As much as I value drawing as a necessary skill, I can’t say that I do it on a regular basis. This is the biggest lesson I took from Von’s lecture: never stop drawing. He also challenged us to draw something every day for the next 21 days (as this will make it a habit). It doesn’t have to be a 3 hour masterpiece, it could be a 3 minute doodle; but draw something.

I accepted this challenge and I will share a few of my drawings here and on my Twitter account.

Thanks to CSCA and, of course, Von Glitschka (whose last name I have to repeatedly check the spelling) for such an inspiring lecture!


One thought on “The Great Von Glitschka

  1. Our professors told us the same thing in animation school. Recently I’ve applied that to free and open source software. I’m taking the full month of April to make something in GIMP each day in order to learn it better. I’ve been mixing it with Inkscape off and on to make a daily Facebook cover of some sort. I’ll pick another program to hone my skills next month and another in succeeding months etc.

    I could do better at pulling out my sketch book to at least do a quick doodle to aid the creative juices for this process as well though. Thanks for the reminder.

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