What makes you happier, Matthew Stanford?


Being featured in this blog definitely makes me happier!


Today we chat (via email) with Matthew Stanford, one of our awesome Happier users from Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about Matthew, check out his About.me page.

mtstanford_HappierSo, what makes you happier, Matthew?
Beautiful skies, non-fiction literature, children, relaxing music, intellectual discourse, design, bright colors, laughter, my niece and nephew, being outside, seeing my own progress, seeing my family and friends happy and healthy.

Have you realized something about being happier that maybe you didn’t when, well, you were younger?
I certainly have! Just as there is always a reason to complain, there is also always a reason to smile. Happiness relies heavily on how we direct our attention.

Happiness can not depend on other people, possessions or circumstances. Things change; I want happiness to be a constant in my life.

Say you’re having a rough day. What are your go-to ways to feel better?
Some days all it…

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