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what an interesting examination of fear and childhood behavior.

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As I clear my thoughts this morning, I reflect on play yesterday not only with my students but with my own children…

Curiosity within a child supports internal motivation to discover and learn. My son located a “skully” or “tobbgin” as some may call it, deep within his closet. This finding led to a chain of events, which has furthered my inquiry as to “discover” the approach, and the comfort vs fear observed in my own two children, children that I work with daily as well as all other young children within today’s society.

While my two year old played, I could hear giggles and much movement from the second floor of my home. After a few minutes, I hear a scream from my six year old daughter, “Momma, Ali is a boogey man, come see!”

As I approached the stairs, she was slowly walking backwards towards her room in…

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