Design Reflects Life


Now that some of us have finally gained some respect for the message in NWA’s music, perhaps we can begin to see the parallels between this and what many of us consider horrifying and even offensive displays of art.

Art is meant to change culture, advance our civilization and challenge the constraints that we are all used to. “Comfort zone” is just a fancier, more socially acceptable way to say “prison.” Everyone claims to understand the danger of operating in one but very few of us truly demonstrate it. A lot of what we see in popular culture (from mainstream to local arenas) are not pushing anyone out of their comfort zones, but further building walls around where people feel safe. Hypocrisy.


Last year around this time, Urban Outfitters shocked us with this controversial Kent State University sweatshirt. The backlash they received ultimately resulted in them pulling the sweatshirt from their website. A lot of people believe it was a media stunt (they’re known for this sort of thing) but personally, I think it was a bitch move. What an awesome opportunity to make a very strong political statement through their work and they chose to backpedal, claiming it was a coincidence and they didn’t realize this would be offensive.

Bullshit. Stick with your guns, UO.

Meanwhile, This Designer Stopped Everyone In Their Tracks With a Fashion Show About Police Brutality






Not only does this line of clothes make an incredible political statement, it is also beautiful.

“Safe art” has never accomplished much as far as advancing civilization is concerned. Too many creatives are afraid to evolve thus preventing civilization from advancing.

I will definitely be checking for Kerby Jean-Raymond’s brand Pyer Moss on Instagram and Twitter from now on.

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