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what an interesting examination of fear and childhood behavior.

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As I clear my thoughts this morning, I reflect on play yesterday not only with my students but with my own children…

Curiosity within a child supports internal motivation to discover and learn. My son located a “skully” or “tobbgin” as some may call it, deep within his closet. This finding led to a chain of events, which has furthered my inquiry as to “discover” the approach, and the comfort vs fear observed in my own two children, children that I work with daily as well as all other young children within today’s society.

While my two year old played, I could hear giggles and much movement from the second floor of my home. After a few minutes, I hear a scream from my six year old daughter, “Momma, Ali is a boogey man, come see!”

As I approached the stairs, she was slowly walking backwards towards her room in…

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4 Fears Stopping Your Passion: ‘I Don’t Have Any Money’


I had the pleasure of hearing Donna speak at Creative Control Fest 2 and, while I promise this was not planned, I noticed a lot of parallels between her talk about some irrational fears in the mind of a creative and mine about the irrational fears in the minds of the general public.

In the first post of this series, we talked about how a lack of focus can stop you from discovering your inherent creative abilities, and how using those abilities can change your community. Today, the 4 Fears series continues discussing money.

There has been many times in my career where I had big ideas, but little money to finance them. But if I had to name one thing that turns starving artists into money makers, I’d have have to say the web. It is the great equalizer. With time and a strategy, you can have thousands of people paying attention to your work and buying your products. And no, you don’t have to hire a publicist or social media strategist to get started.

I want to talk about four artists who I think have a great web and social media strategy, and give you some tips to walk away with…

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Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite Seminar




Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend an awesome Adobe seminar which talked about ways to create mobile apps using InDesign. While it was not the most robust, this was probably the most informative seminar I’ve ever attended, to say the least. This is particularly exciting to me because InDesign is my first preference when it comes to Adobe design software; there are times when I go weeks without even opening another program from Creative Suite. Learning about the built-in features that are new to CS6 (but also can be used in CS5, with a software patch) and how incredibly easy they are to manipulate is right up my alley — being that I am an expert at page layout software yet my research emphasis is design for mobile devices.

Thanks to the team at Adobe for giving such a great presentation (and lunch lol)! This has opened so many doors for me. Now to get to work!

My awesome trip to Kansas City & St Louis






















What makes you happier, Matthew Stanford?


Being featured in this blog definitely makes me happier!


Today we chat (via email) with Matthew Stanford, one of our awesome Happier users from Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about Matthew, check out his About.me page.

mtstanford_HappierSo, what makes you happier, Matthew?
Beautiful skies, non-fiction literature, children, relaxing music, intellectual discourse, design, bright colors, laughter, my niece and nephew, being outside, seeing my own progress, seeing my family and friends happy and healthy.

Have you realized something about being happier that maybe you didn’t when, well, you were younger?
I certainly have! Just as there is always a reason to complain, there is also always a reason to smile. Happiness relies heavily on how we direct our attention.

Happiness can not depend on other people, possessions or circumstances. Things change; I want happiness to be a constant in my life.

Say you’re having a rough day. What are your go-to ways to feel better?
Some days all it…

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