Terra Wright-Deloatch’s GIS research is gaining ground.


"Crowd Sourced Analysis and Social Media" by Terra Wright-Deloatch of Fayetteville State University

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Terra Wright-Deloatch of Fayetteville State University in creating a presentation she gave at the CaGIS/ASPRS Fall Conference in San Antonio on 29 October 2013; her presentation discussed the relevancy of social media to geospatial information. Since then, she’s continued gaining exposure for her research by participating in World Geography Bowl (GeoBowl) in Roanoke where she was selected to represent SEDAAG in the national GeoBowl in Tampa! Great job and keep up the awesome work, Terra!

view the presentation (PDF)

NYC Beacon


NYC Beacon (Reinvent Payphones) from Frog on Vimeo.

What an interesting look into the future of what might replace payphones. I’m not so sure about the voice recognition feature as there are lots of different accents and dialects in New York but this is a well thought out project with built-in solutions for existing problems (like power outages during storms). I can also see this being coordinated with an app on mobile devices for on-the-go information.