Is Sharing Really Caring?


I recently came across an interesting app, Adobe Post, which creates graphics for social media, especially Instagram. This got my attention because I’ve been wanting a company that is knee-deep in design and technology to make something like this. There are plenty of apps out there that make it easy to share bad graphics, here’s one that makes it easy to share good ones.

So along comes Adobe Post and, from what I can see, this looks like everything I hoped for. I rarely share the apps I use, but this one was too good to keep to myself. I felt like it would help improve the overall look of my Instagram feed, if nothing else. When I went to Adobe Post’s website, I found no social sharing buttons. I started to ignore it, but when I saw links to their social media, I thought, ‘why would they make it easy to follow them on social media but not include buttons to share their app on social media?’

Their response included an article that makes some great points:

This article points out that share buttons don’t necessarily mean users will share the page (and can backfire because people are turned off by a low share count) and it may also be distracting from the main goal (which, in this case, would be to purchase the product, not share the page). Sometimes share buttons are included simply because it can be done, even if they add no value or utility to the page.

While the article does provide some great insight, it’s important not to paint the web with a broad brush. Adobe Post’s website is very different from the one mentioned in the article. I do understand the point, but it would still make sense to include share buttons on the homepage, if no where else.

All in all, I hope Adobe Post becomes popular enough to have a positive impact on social graphics, including your Instagram feeds. And, yes, there are sharing buttons on this post.